3 Benefits To The EOS Implementer™ In Recommending The Right Integrator

3 Benefits To The EOS Implementer™ In Recommending The Right Integrator

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Increasing revenue and creating a successful team is only part of the EOS® program. What does it mean to effectively implement EOS®? We recently published our latest e-book, inside which we share with you how to earn your investment back on your EOS®. Below is an excerpt with 3 recommendations for an Implementer to maximize their EOS® investment.

1. Grow Your Network (And Build Your Business) – In a recent discussion with Mike Kotsis, he shared that growing a network the first year can be tough for Implementers.

That’s where GCE Strategic Consulting can help: We refer businesses to EOS Implementer™. Many of our Implementers have full plates and don’t need more business – so if you’re looking to build your client list, we can help.

2. Maximize Your Income – Hiring the wrong person as Integrator can add unnecessary risk to your revenue stream and can lead the client to ditch you before the full two-year deployment of EOS® is complete. This happens far too often. If your client’s business
grows and gets traction, you and EOS® will get the credit. If they don’t, you and EOS® will be blamed for the subsequent failure.

3. Focus On Your Role (and only your role) – Hiring the right Integrator stops your phone from ringing off the hook solving problems and answering questions from the Visionary – the right
the Integrator will own that so you can focus on your role as Implementer.

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