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The Complete Sales Operating System®

Our approach comes from real-world sales leadership and experience in corporate America. We began to consult and work with smaller companies and saw a significant gap both in sales leadership and salespeople.  We found that most business owners out there don't understand sales and driving revenue. Furthermore, they could not afford to hire the necessary talent that could launch their business in a sustainable way. While many investors will bring a massive war chest of cash, in the early stages of business growth, this won't help the majority of small businesses achieve success.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau Data, "Companies with fewer than 500 workers account for 99.7 percent of those businesses.  Firms with less than 20 workers made up 89.4 percent of businesses."

What we noticed is that in sales and marketing there are almost too many choices around tools, methodologies, and training.  Sifting through all your options can be overwhelming and each time you lose an employee, you lose IP, momentum, and incur significant cost to your business. Who helps the small business owner?

Large companies and Venture-backed companies should not be the only ones to have a competitive edge for growth. We can help.

See engagement process here. It is now your turn to take control and grow!

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