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GCE Strategic Consulting is a high growth, market disruptive advisory firm that specializes in driving results for CEOs, investors, and business owners. Our expertise – tailored to meet the needs of the company – provides clients with an actionable roadmap to success. Whether it’s helping them effectively recruit and onboard the right talent or implementing the appropriate tools and systems, we give you a personalized strategy to handle key issues and take advantage of opportunities. We cut costs, grow revenue, and mitigate risk. Your success is our success!

Ken Paskins

CEO / Sr. Partner

Ken Paskins is the Founder and CEO of GCE Strategic Consulting. He is passionate about compelling people, divisions, and companies to achieve more than they thought possible by driving revenue, cutting cost and mitigating risk.

For nearly 25 years, as a President, COO, Executive Sales Leader, and Integrator, Ken has led teams, driven new processes, systems, and GTM strategies, and directed large complex deals that led to multi-million dollar revenue/profit growth in both start-ups and Fortune 100 environments across the United States, Canada and Internationally. As a President, COO, Executive Sales Leader, and Integrator.

Ken's DISC® is a High D followed by C, as “Individualist” with the ability to achieve any objective. StrengthsFinders®  themes are Maximizer, Focus, Competition, Relator, and Futuristic. Myers Briggs ESTJ (The Executive) and KOLBE of 8-7-3-2.  (See full copies of all test on LinkedIn Profile)

Ken has proven himself time and again and can help you succeed in all of the following areas:

✔ EOS® Integrator
✔ Business Coach
✔ Sales and Marketing Plan
✔ Business Turnaround Help
✔ Venture Capital and Private Equity Insight
✔ Fractional Executive Support
✔ Advisor or Board Member

Rocket Fuel  Fractional Integrator®

Robert BuWalda

Sr. Partner

Robert "Bob" BuWalda has 40 years of experience leading high-performance sales teams.  He is an expert in building and executing vertical market segmentation strategies which include financial services, healthcare, public sector, and higher education. He has developed and executed GTM strategies that have led to 40% year over year growth in high technology environments and excels at managing complex, multi-pillar engagements, including multiple eight-figure transactions.  He is a relentless recruiter of sales talent and is passionate about advancing the careers of salespeople to management.  

Bob has extensive experience leading teams in virtually all of the high technology sales disciplines including computer systems, networking components, technology software, application software and both business and management consulting services. He has led sales teams in the direct, indirect and channel sales models.  A dedication to customer success is at the centre of his enablement plans that deliver exceptional results for his clients.  

Bob uses our unique methodology and software called "The Complete Sales Operating System®"

michael griffith

Michael Griffith


Michael Griffith is a senior business executive with a 25 plus-year successful track record of providing vision, strategy, and leadership critical to high-performance global organizations. He has led teams with companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. Mike’s teams consistently have executed on revenues in excess of $200MM.  Mike has focused on recruiting the best of the best for senior leaders to sales individual contributors. The highly successful individuals Mike has recruited are for pre and post IPO startups and large complex organizations. He hired and managed teams for Oracle, Unisys, TeleTech, Startek, and others, in IT and BPO companies. We follow strict processes for searching, vetting and candidate engagement with organizations which ensures a smooth integration into new roles and faster ramp to productivity.

Mike’s knowledge, experience, and industry contacts help him to recruit top-level people and build high performing organizations. He has experience in the US, Canada, Europe, and Pacific Rim with both IT and BPO. Mike has been a member of executive strategy leadership teams for pre IPO to large organizations and has served as a member of corporate and community boards.  

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