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Cultural change doesn’t happen overnight. When you initially introduce any new framework to your organization, there will be a period of heightened awareness, excitement and adoption. It’s once that honeymoon period passes and you need your front-line managers to continue utilizing the tools that you may see some challenges. With
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The Power of Workforce Diversity
The term diversity has been around for a long time in terms of promoting change in the traditional workplace. According to Wordpandit, diversity refers to the state or condition of being non-uniform, different. Wordpandit also points out that diversity is a term that originated around 1300-1350 and was derived from
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Introduction The process known as New Manager On-boarding is generally thought of as a great way to inject new energy and take the company to new heights. Companies with the right guidance can soar while companies with weak, ineffective leadership may flounder and struggle. New Manager On-boarding can be an
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Click to view this case study showing an example of real world results achieved by GCE Consulting. The “Right Person, Right Seat” case study reflects a tangible result achieved by GCE and our approach to helping businesses of all sizes that have adopted EOS®. Subscribe to the GCE Strategic Blog
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GCE Strategic Consulting (“GCE”) is a multi-discipline consulting, training and recruiting firm focused on helping businesses of all sizes that have adopted EOS®. Today GCE announces its participation as a silver sponsor for EOS® Client Conference 2019, the premier event offering unprecedented insights, unparalleled education and exceptional networking opportunities for
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