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Building a business and becoming a successful Visionary can be a considerable challenge. On the one hand, it’s never been easier to become an entrepreneur. Digital technology and the internet have changed the game forever and lowered the bar to entry. Startup costs are lower than in past generations. The

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There are many reasons that you, the Visionary, choose to keep an Integrator that isn’t the right person for the Integrator seat. It could be driven by not having the budget for it; you don’t want to hire or spend money on the right person. It could be that you

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We often get the question from Visionaries as to the best meeting cadence or types of meetings that the integrator and Visionary should have. We typically answer this question with more questions so we can solve the issue for the Visionary. 1. How often do you see your Integrator? If

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At work, a team effort can provide a multifaceted approach to problem-solving as well as creativity. A group of coordinated individuals can accomplish almost anything on the job. However, specific characteristics are essential for a committee, task force, or another group of employees to successfully form a leadership team and

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There’s no doubt about it—inspired teams are more productive, efficient, and profitable. A research study by Deloitte finds that 88% of employees of 94% of executives agree that strong company culture is key to the success of a business. Here’s a four-step process for your leadership team to start inspiring

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