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Bob Buwalda has 40 years of experience leading high performance sales teams. He is an expert in building and executing vertical market segmentation strategies which include financial services, healthcare, public sector, and higher education. He has developed and executed GTM strategies that have led to 40% year over year growth
Creating a positive environment and building a strong team is the foundation of a great sales team. Creating a complete sales system and setting the expectations for success and process is critical. When assessing a team for goal and expectation setting, it’s important to spend time asking questions – and listening
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Having a method to the madness, especially in the sales department, will create a strong team and business.  Being methodical in solving problems can dramatically increase the revenue. To accomplish this, you must develop a sales process.  You can ask any sales director and they will answer 10 different ways
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As a leader and an executive in your company, it’s important to find employees that embody the culture and are happy with the company. It’s detrimental to the business to have a high employee turnover. To this end, including professional development as part of your company will not only entice
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  The Problem with Expectations The importance of expectation setting across the organization for sales leadership. we should address  the importance across all leadership or management roles.  As a consultant, I get to work with many different companies, and I see the good and bad decisions, processes, and management styles
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