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Metrics matter but only if you have the right metrics.  I have a customer right now that I am working with as a fractional Integrator / COO.  Great company, people, and culture but they struggle with metrics, not just what to measure but why they measure it and what outcomes
Complete Sales Operating System, Process, Sales
  Today I want to talk about process—specifically, its importance in the complete sales operating system®.  For those who have been following me, you know by now that I am methodical in my approach to business and solving problems, and I firmly believe doing this can dramatically increase the revenue
Complete Sales Operating System, Enterprise Solutions, Leadership, Process, Sales
  Let’s discuss “Creativity” as it relates to, the Complete Sales System.     How many times have you heard any of the following: “I need my team to …” – Close Large Deals – Be More Strategic – Drive Enterprise Solutions – Sell Solutions Honestly, few people can think
Complete Sales Operating System, Enterprise Solutions, Sales
In this article, we are going to discuss Expectation-Setting as it relates to the Complete Sales System.  Keep in mind that although many of these topics in the system are directed toward sales, they are all critical to lead any team regardless of the role. When I start out with
Complete Sales Operating System, Leadership
If all of you remember from my last article, I mentioned the 15 key components to driving results or revenue, or as I refer to it, Complete Sales System. The first component we are going to look at is GTM or sales coverage strategy.  Some estimate that making the wrong