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If you practice EOS®, you understand and appreciate the true value of an Integrator and a Visionary aligned, i.e., the V/I relationship. And as you may know, full-time professional Integrators are expensive.  I’ve heard some people say that an Integrator can cost you 50%-70% more than the average owner thinks it should. Therefore many business owners choose not to hire an Integrator -  a very dangerous decision according to

Gino Wickman: "One caution: it’s vital that you, as a Visionary, trust and work closely with your Integrator. Your Integrator will serve as a great filter for all your ideas and protect the company from chaos so your organization can stay focused and work efficiently.”

For the typical company, with annual revenue of 20 million or below, paying what proven Integrator can earn every year is both unrealistic and impossible in most circumstances.  So what do most do? They settle!

Our unique approach includes proven Executive Experience in the EOS® Community Combined with strategy software to help you drive your vision for results.

If you are new to EOS® and want a recommendation on some of the best Implementers are in your area give us a call as well.


Specific services offered within the EOS® community

Fractional Integrator Services

Is it time for an Integrator but not fulltime? See our listing on Rocket Fuel® here.

Integrator Training

Integrator looking to grow your career?  Or owner looking to grow your Integrator? Learn more here.

Integrator Mentoring

Are you a Visionary who has an Integrator you would like mentored and groomed?

Fractional Sales Leadership

Not getting the ROI out of sales and marketing? See How to now.

Our Core Values

Operate With Integrity

Greater Good First

Methodically Execute


"Ken Paskins is an experienced Integrator who is passionate about adding value in the EOS® community. I first had the chance to meet Ken at my Integrator Mastery Forum in Dallas a few years back.  Later, I interviewed him (and one of his Visionary clients) for my video series on Visionaries & Integrators.  I was impressed with both his grasp of the V/I concepts in Rocket Fuel - and how his client felt about the results they were getting by working together.  

Fractional Integrators are clearly a growing trend in the marketplace.  I see numerous Visionaries that benefit greatly from having a strong Integrator on their team (even if only for 1-2 days/ week), vs struggling along still pretending to be the Integrator - or trying to fill that seat with someone who simply doesn’t GWC the role.

Talk to Ken to see if his Fractional Integrator model could help you get your company moving to the next level.”
Interview With Mark
"Ken Paskins embodies that rare combination of sound strategic insight and consistent execution to turn the vision into a reality. Ken demonstrates that he knows it all gets done through the right people doing the right job using the right disciplines, processes, and measures and he knows how to bring that about in an organization in fairly short order.
Finally, Ken understands how to keep the organization pushing to the outer edge of the productivity envelope by helping everyone involved ‘inspect what they expect’ as he drives accountability through clear-eyed leadership and management skill."
"I am writing this as an EOS® Implementer who works with 20 clients whose businesses range in size from $1m - $60m. Ken gets things done and he does what he says he is going to do. Just as important, he helps other Executives and Senior Leaders ‘get’ their job, and helps them to stay accountable and on-track with the targets that they set.
He is one of a rare breed of real Integrators who truly understands the role and his commitment and work ethic are second to none. His knowledge encompasses everything from strict adherence to EOS® Principles to just generally understanding and ‘getting’ how to build and lead strong leadership teams. Hire him as an Integrator or a COO - He will be an asset to your business, and you will be thankful for the investment that you made."