15 Key Sales Components


Our Complete Sales Operating System Modules

With our expertise and the 15 Key Components that drive sales, we advise clients on implementation, strategy and how to take advantage of opportunities. We customize all programs, systems and plans to the individual business model so our clients can increase revenues, decrease expenses, and mitigate risks.
Best of all, if you do not achieve better results after methodically following the plan, you will be entitled to a refund! What tool, system, training, or sales hire offers you that? Mitigate risks and drive results!
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Coverage model and specific plan of action based on our analysis of your company. This plan covers:
  • Recommended Resource Changes
  • Timing of Changes for Change Management
  • Revenue Improvements and Cost Savings Estimates
  • Benchmarking Comparisons for Your Industry


Make your company workflow more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to ever-changing environments with our customized process. Areas of focus include sales, leads, order, hiring, coaching and forecasting.


A comprehensive cultural assessment and job fit testing designed to acquire the right talent. Areas of focus include:
  • Detailed Job Descriptions
  • Clear Accountability Per Role
  • Key Profiles to Maximize Profits
  • Posting Criteria to Drive Better Results
  • Cultural and Personal Profiling


Customized process to guarantee new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members. Areas of focus include:
  • Resources to Leverage and When
  • Solutions for How to Sell and When
  • Sales Training Program
  • Systems Overview
  • HR & Benefits

Professional Development

A customized framework and insight with which to drive training on an individual employee basis. Areas of focus include:
  • Mentoring Program
  • Recommended Reading Materials
  • Coaching Plan


A detailed analysis aligned with company objectives for structuring employee functions and setting goals.


Customized metrics report to track and assess the status of your business processes. Includes 3-10 key performance indicators for your company, broken down by role.


Ensure proper coaching and communications with your staff. Areas of focus include:
  • Deal Review Process
  • Account Review Process
  • Debrief Process
  • 5-5-5 or Quarterly Report Card Process

Reward & Recognition

Design of an effective reward and recognition program to engage and motivate your employees. Areas of focus include:
  • Compensation Aligned with Company Goals
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Recognition


A detailed communications plan to set the pace of your company throughout the calendar year.


Customized program(s) designed to help your team build and drive larger transactions.


Customized plan to topgrade staff and improve the overall performance of your company. Areas of focus include:
  • Key Criteria for Topgrading
  • Messaging to Staff
  •  Plan to Manage Change Cycles

Tools and Systems

A detailed analysis of your key systems to discover the strengths, deficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. Areas of focus include:
  • Recommended CRM Changes (i.e. Dashboards, Reports)
  • Tools Tied to Finance Systems to Drive Predictability
  • Tools and Technology for Enablement (i.e. Social Media, CRM)


Best practices to drive predictability of your revenue. Areas of focus include:
  • 180-day View of Revenue
  • Plan to Capture Key Data
  • Weighted Pipeline Metrics

Leadership, Management & Accountability

Coaching program for your management team to increase performance, energy and engagement.