EOS® Recruiting

Nothing Is More Important Than Having the Right Integrator.

Rocket Fuel  Recruiting Services®

After helping many clients in the EOS® ecosystem we began to realize we can't be everywhere!  However, we didn't want that to stop us helping small business owners.  GCE Strategic Consulting is now offering recruiting services that focus on Integrators and Integrators only!

GCE Strategic Consulting leverages our experience in EOS® through the lens of a proven Integrator.  We then add decades under our belts in hiring Sr. talent as a team.

Our process is unmatched in the industry and customized to help the Visionary fill the Integrator seat with someone who GWC's the job and knows EOS® as soon as they start with your company.

This helps you mitigate risk, get the right talent and hit the ground running focused on results.

Don't go to a generalist recruiter new to EOS® who recruits for any role.  Increase your ROI out of EOS® by partnering with GCE Strategic Consulting®.

See our unique one of a kind EOS® Integrator recruiting process.