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Using a Fractional Integrator to Get Healthy - A Case Study

Case Study: Fractional IntegratorClick to View this case study: A small marketing agency, under $5M in revenue, was facing below industry revenue growth two years after implementing EOS®. The team was comprised of 15 full-time employees, utilizing up to 20 consultants during peak seasonal times.



Right Person, Right Seat - A Case Study in Results

Right Seat Makes a Difference - Case Study Click to View this case study showing an example of real world results achieved by GCE Consulting.  The "Right Person, Right Seat" case study reflects a tangible result achieved by GCE and our approach to helping businesses of all sizes.

Helping You Maximize The Business

As a CEO or Visionary, you have decided to utilize specific business systems and processesin your business. You understand and appreciate the real value of the Integrator and Visionary relationship. We are dedicated to ensuring that your Integrator is successful from the moment they are hired.

GCE Strategic Consulting has proven executive experience. We can help:

1. Assess your current Integrator’s knowledge and experience
2. Evaluate whether you require a full-time or fractional Integrator
3. Fill in as a fractional Integrator until we find a fractional or full-time Integrator
4. Train your existing Integrator so that you get the fullest potential from them.
5. Provide business coaching and consulting from the Visionary down to individual managers

No matter what stage you are at, we can help you.


Our recruiting program is for organizations and companies focused on growth. We understand what it takes to be an Integrator and only hire Integrators.


Whether you have an existing or new Integrator on your team, we can help provide ongoing Integrator training. We help Integrators learn business best practices and provide ongoing support.


Whether you need a part-time Integrator or we are recruiting an Integrator for you. We can bring in a fractional Integrator to bridge the gap until you need or can afford a full-time Integrator on your team.


Our unique approach and system are ideal for any size company. CSOS is a simple approach to helping small businesses align sales and marketing to your business goals and objectives.

Service Offering


Whether you are looking for a full-time Integrator or fractional Integrator, we offer complete Integrator recruiting, training and check points.

Business, career and placement concept - satisfied director man 30s smiling and shaking hands with male candidate who was recruited during interview in office


Our experienced leaders will evaluate your business readiness against our Strategic Framework to help you identify gaps and make improvements.

the right integrator


Bring everyone together and get them involved in delivering on your vision, track weekly metrics, rocks and keep the team accountable.

Integrator Visionary Relationship


Our Integrator training is focused 1-on-1 with your Integrator to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We offer sales, marketing, and management training.

Lecture and  training  in business office for white collar colleagues


Our 8+ week readiness assessment helps you evaluate whether you require a full-time or fractional Integrator for your business.

Helping You Maximize The Business

As a CEO or visionary, you have decided to practice EOS®. You understand and appreciate the true value of the Integrator and Visionary relationship.

You are either:

  1. Considering hiring an integrator, but are concerned about your budget
  2. You have an integrator but realize they need professional development
  3. Your current integrator may not be the best fit and want to consider someone else


Gino Wickman: "One caution: it’s vital that you, as a Visionary, trust and work closely with your Integrator. Your Integrator will serve as a great filter for all your ideas and protect the company from chaos so your organization can stay focused and work efficiently.”

GCE Strategic Consulting has proven executive experience. We can help:

1. Assess your existing integrator  2. Evaluate whether you require a full-time or fractional integrator 3. Fill in as a fractional integrator until we find a fractional or full-time integrator 4. Train your existing integrator so that you get the fullest potential from them.

No matter what stage you are at, we can help you get the most out of the business. 

Proudly Listed On Rocket Fuel® Under Fractional Integrator and Integrator Recruiting Services. 
We are the ONLY full-service company that can help you with any Integrator solution either with Fractional Support, Training or  Recruiting. 
We recognize not one size fits all!

Rocket Fuel Book Review


"Ken Paskins is an experienced Integrator who is passionate about adding value in the EOS® community. I first had the chance to meet Ken at my Integrator Mastery Forum in Dallas a few years back.  Later, I interviewed him (and one of his Visionary clients) for my video series on Visionaries & Integrators.  I was impressed with both his grasp of the V/I concepts in Rocket Fuel - and how his client felt about the results they were getting by working together.  

"Fractional Integrators are clearly a growing trend in the marketplace. 
I see numerous Visionaries that benefit greatly from having a strong Integrator on their team (even if only for 1-2 days/ week), vs struggling along still pretending to be the Integrator - or trying to fill that seat with someone who simply doesn’t GWC the role.

"Talk to Ken to see if his Fractional Integrator model could help you get your company moving to the next level.”
Interview With Mark
"What GCE is doing around Integrator training, Fractional Integrator and Integrator recruiting is much needed in the business world. Keep up the great work!"
"Ken Paskins embodies that rare combination of sound strategic insight and consistent execution to turn the vision into a reality. Ken demonstrates that he knows it all gets done through the right people doing the right job using the right disciplines, processes, and measures and he knows how to bring that about in an organization in fairly short order.
 "Finally, Ken understands how to keep... the organization pushing to the outer edge of the productivity envelope by helping everyone involved ‘inspect what they expect’ as he drives accountability through clear-eyed leadership and management skill."
"I am writing this as an EOS® Implementer who works with 20 clients whose businesses range in size from $1m - $60m. Ken gets things done and he does what he says he is going to do. Just as important, he helps other Executives and Senior Leaders ‘get’ their job, and helps them to stay accountable and on-track with the targets that they set.
"He is one of a rare breed of real Integrators who truly understands the role and his commitment and work ethic is second to none. His knowledge encompasses everything from strict adherence to EOS® Principles to just generally understanding and ‘getting’ how to build and lead strong leadership teams. Hire him as an Integrator or a COO - He will be an asset to your business, and you will be thankful for the investment that you made."

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