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1. My belief on delegating
2. When dealing with diverse people I lead it is important that
3. What is your primary trait on DISC?
4. I have ____ years of experience in the EOS® system.
5. What is more important to focus on
6. My business experience is
7. What is your Integrator Score (Test) On Rocket Fuel®?
8. Profesional development of my staff is
9. The most important thing for the Integrator to do for the Visionary is
10. When I have changed companies in the past I have had _____ number of people ask to work for me again.
11. Direct managers I have managed at one time
12. When I make a mistake I?
13. When there is a serious problem I typically
14. Years of professional work experience?
15. Typically when an employee resigns I am
16. I see Leadership and Mangement as
17. Which best describes you?
18. How many of these disciplines are you comfortable with and or can lead in if necessary?  Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Service, HR and Legal.
19. If the person I worked for took a cruise around the world for six months I would need to speak to them ____ times in order to execute towards results.
20. Team sizes I have led