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We often get the question from Visionaries as to the best meeting cadence or types of meetings that the integrator and Visionary should have. We typically answer this question with more questions so we can solve the issue for the Visionary. 1. How often do you see your Integrator? If

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At work, a team effort can provide a multifaceted approach to problem-solving as well as creativity. A group of coordinated individuals can accomplish almost anything on the job. However, specific characteristics are essential for a committee, task force, or another group of employees to successfully form a leadership team and

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There’s no doubt about it—inspired teams are more productive, efficient, and profitable. A research study by Deloitte finds that 88% of employees of 94% of executives agree that strong company culture is key to the success of a business. Here’s a four-step process for your leadership team to start inspiring

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In part one of this two-part series “Considering a Fractional Integrator?” Part I talked about my experience becoming part of an organization using EOS® and my initial thoughts of working with a fractional integrator. In Part II, I will discuss the Fractional Integrator’s role in the organization, and some

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Is employee burnout sabotaging your business? With multiple studies finding that e-burnout is the number one threat to building an engaging workforce, many employers are starting to take note of the problem. However, the discussions surrounding e-burnout are often employee-centered and viewed as an independent problem, not a universal problem

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