Strategic Consulting and Coaching

Variety of services customized to meet your business requirements.

Integrator Services

We offer the most complete offering out there for an Integrator.  We are proven in supporting companies that use EOS® and listed on Rocket Fuel®.  Fractional executive support,  training and recruiting.  Flexibility to fit any budget and or need.  See a quote from Mark C. Winters at the bottom here.

The Complete Sales Operating System®

We combine methodology with software and proven executive talent to put the business owner in control and drive a true ROI.

Our Passion:

"We help business owners get the results that they both need and deserve at a cost they can afford. We do this with  fractional executive support with fulltime results with a focus on the greater good of your business!" Ken Paskins CEO

Your Passion:

You have a passion for the work you do and you believe there’s a way to take your company to the next level, yet something is clearly missing.

We produced results for investors and business owners and we come with experience from startup to Fortune 100 environments.

We focus on growth, turnaround and total transformation where necessary. GCE Strategic Consulting: Cutting Costs, Grow Revenue, Mitigate Risk.