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Eric Albertson, Certified EOS® Implementer

"Ken Paskins embodies that rare combination of sound strategic insight and consistent execution to turn the vision into a reality. Ken demonstrates that he knows it all gets done through the right people doing the right job using the right disciplines, processes, and measures and he knows how to bring that about in an organization in fairly short order.

 "Finally, Ken understands how to keep... the organization pushing to the outer edge of the productivity envelope by helping everyone involved ‘inspect what they expect’ as he drives accountability through clear-eyed leadership and management skill."


Eric Crews, certified EOS® Implementer

"I am writing this as an EOS® Implementer who works with 20 clients whose businesses range in size from $1m - $60m. Ken gets things done and he does what he says he is going to do. Just as important, he helps other Executives and Senior Leaders ‘get’ their job, and helps them to stay accountable and on-track with the targets that they set.

"He is one of a rare breed of real Integrators who truly understands the role and his commitment and work ethic is second to none. His knowledge encompasses everything from strict adherence to EOS® Principles to just generally understanding and ‘getting’ how to build and lead strong leadership teams. Hire him as an Integrator or a COO - He will be an asset to your business, and you will be thankful for the investment that you made."

Mark O'Donnell, Certified EOS® Implementer

"Late last summer I had a client what was struggling to break through the barrier and speaking with the Visionary we realized it was particularly tied to the current Integrator.  I reached out to the EOS community and was recommended to speak with GCE Strategic Consulting.  After connecting with them I introduced them to my client who hired GCE.  I found their approach and proven process to drive results was rock solid.  They were quickly able to come in and both identify the problem areas and course correct yielding results that were shockingly immediate.  Since then I have introduced them to several other clients and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take things to the next level.  As Gino has said, GCE Strategic are very valuable resources to have in the EOS Comunity!"

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Andrew Tomp, CEO/Founder of Ticket Shine

"We worked with GCE to help hire our new Integrator.  Initially, GCE came on site in a consulting role and did a full company assessment.  This allowed them to tighten up the critical Integrator speck that aligned best with our culture and what I was looking for.  Through this process, they ended up giving us some valuable recommendations that we could implement immediately.    GCE vetted candidates using their proven process and, sent us 4 with complete write-ups and discussions of each candidate.  We interviewed them and quickly selected our #1 choice.  GCE then helped us with advice on constructing an Integrators compensation plan this was very valuable as I didn't have expertise in this area.  Not only this but they helped train the candidate in all the basic areas of EOS so I didn't have to as they joined. They already understood what an L-10, Scorecard, ROCK etc. all were. They went above and beyond at every corner, I highly recommend GCE for anyone in the EOS community."

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